Introduction to my homepage

A brief history will have to suffice. I was born and thus far have not died.

Here I am in living color


R.D.#5, 3002 ST RT 48
Oswego, NY 13126


Ph.D. 1969 Syracuse University, Mathematics
M.A. 1963 Syracuse University, Mathematics
B.A. 1960 State University of New York at Binghamton

Employment History:

1987-Present State University of New York at Oswego - Professor
1975-1987 State University of New York at Oswego - Associate Professor
1968-1975 State University of New York at Oswego - Assistant Professor


1990-1991 University of California at Irvine, Mathematics Dept., Visiting Scholar

Summer 1988 University of Texas-Austin, Psychology Dept. Visiting Scholar

1983-1984 University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, Mathematics Dept. Research Scholar

1975-1976 Yale University, Mathematics Dept. Visiting Scholar

Professional Organizations:

American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Digital Equipment Corporation Users Society
Association of Computing Machinery
/CNY Users Group


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