Two International Hindi Association Gyandeep Prizes have been instituted by the funds provided by Mr. Vijay Mathur, the President of JAIKEN Technologies, Monreal, Canada. These prizes, $500 each will be awarded to a youngman and a youngwoman for their Hindi writings (poems, essays, short stories etc.). The following are the terms and conditions of the award.

1) The candidates must be 19 years of age or younger on June 30, 1996.
2) At the time of submitting their entries, the candidates or their guardians must be members of the International Hindi Association.
3) The decision of the judges will be final. Entries must be received at the following address, by August 31, 1996.

Mr. Girish Johari, 6908 Rimner Cove, Austin TX, 78759. Phone (512) 346-6252

Other members of the committee are: Dr. Rajendra Singh, University of Montreal, (514) 626-5318 Dr. Tej Bhatia, Syracuse University, (315) 449-2607

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