Student Teaching Sample Materials

The materials found on this page represent a sample of the student teaching packet available in the Field Placement Office at SUNY Oswego, located at 252 Wilber Hall.  These materials are made available for you to view materials required for student teaching.  You must however go to the Field Placement Office as soon as possible to fill out the required paperwork (index card), so that the preparations for your placement can begin. This paperwork provides important information so that you can begin to plan for your important experiences in the schools.  This information does not supplant the information you will be given at the Field Placement Office, so plan to visit that Office as soon as possible.

For example, if you plan to Student Teach during the Fall 2012 semester, then the application packet is made available by December 1, 2011 and your application is due within 2 weeks of the Spring 2012 semester. And, if you plan to Student Teach during the Spring 2013 semester, then the application packet is made available by May 1, and is due within the first two weeks of the Fall 2012 semester.

The list of materials below is taken from an actual student teaching packet. Use this information to begin the planning process. 



Information Cards

The Information Card is collected in the Field Placement Office when you pick up a packet.  This card is requirement to begin the process.

Job Search


This document contains job search information recommended by Mr. Robert Casper, from the COMPASS. The resume advice is particularly important, and was developed in consultation with Field Placement and Curriculum and Instruction. The resume portion is required, but currently the letter of interest is not.

Application Instructions

This checklist serves as a reminder of the most common errors made on student teaching applications.

Application Introduction Letter

This is a letter of Introduction by the Field Placement Office.

Teacher Candidate Information Sheet

This is a summary of your information as a teacher Candidate.

Student Teaching Procedures and Policies for the Student Teaching Candidate

This is a two page document of Student Teaching Procedures and Policies.

Student Application Academic Review

This student application academic review sheet.

Student Teacher Lists for Cooperating Teachers

The cooperating teacher is given this information so that he or she better understands how the student teacher is prepared for the placement.  There are 20 different lists which map to the variety of placements in childhood, adolescence and TESOL.  Graduate students may have other courses.


Adolescence French

Adolescence Spanish

Childhood Languages

Adolescence Biology

Adolescence German

Childhood Biology

Childhood Mathematics

Adolescence Chemistry

Adolescence Mathematics

Childhood Chemistry

Childhood Physics

Adolescence Earth Science

Adolescence Physics

Childhood Earth Science

Childhood Social Studies

Adolescence English

Adolescence Social Studies

Childhood  English

Childhood Women's Studies

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Updated 3/21/2012