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Listserv Directions 

The listserv serves as a communication tool for students taking educational assessment. You are able to ask questions and voice concerns to the entire set of students who might be taking an assessment course. I can check at any time to see if you are on the listserv. 

Getting on the listserv at Oswego can be a daunting task.  If it does not work the first time, please understand that it is not you.  Here we go with the directions.

1. Go to your email account that you use and expect to check on a regular basis

2. In the To, type majordomo@oswego.edu

3. In the message section, type "subscribe assess-list your email address". This is an example of what it should look like on your screen.

4. Send the message.

5. You will get a  response from the system.

6. Use the reply command and send the message back. Don't change anything, just send a reply.

7. You are subscribed! You will get a message about the listserv.

8.  Now you want to send a message or ask a question.  What do you do? 3) How do I send email to a list that I am subscribed to?

Send email to:
You SHOULD have a subject with this message,
and the body of the message should be whatever you want to say to the list. Remember that all people on the list will receive the email, so be careful about what you say ;-)



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