INTASC Standards

(Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium)

Just as you are expected to use standards to help define your curriculum, your assessment and instruction practices for your students, teachers are expected to take full responsibility for defining their practice and professionalism.  One way to take responsibility for your role as a professional is to use the INTASC standards to document your practice.   The following sites provide INTASC links that you can visit in order to begin the documentation.

You can find the INTASC Standards here.

Visit any of the following sites for the standards: 

The Council of Chief State School Officers http://www.ccsso.org/intascst.html
Teacher Residency Program Information http://www.geom.umn.edu/DETEP/intasc.html
This is the most accessible.  Easiest to follow http://tera.teralink.com/~shar/Portfolio/INTASC.html
NCATE connections http://cnets.iste.org/ncate/
scroll down to NETS*T and INTASC Standards Correlation (MS word)

One Idea: 

One way to start the process of documenting and taking responsibility for your chosen field, is to use the INTASC standards to document your performance as a teacher. 

1. Use a portfolio format that works for you.  
2. Write each of the 10 standards on a separate folder. 
3. Read through the Performances recommendations so that you have an idea of what each of the standards mean. 
4. Think about how you might create a classroom that helps you document your good work 
5. Collect pictures, letters, copies of lessons, student work, peer evaluations, professional development, etc. 
6. Each time you place something in the folder, write 3 sentences about why you placing this documentation into the folder. 
7. You have begun to use Standards to document your work. 

Send your ideas about how to use the INTASC standards to marcia.burrell@oswego.edu


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