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Chrystal Galek was a first year advisor a few years ago. She worked hard to create this portion of the website to provide you with information that will be useful. Take some time to read it.
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Roommate concerns? Consult Chrystal

Welcome to the web page for the first year advisees of Marcia Burrell in the school of Education at SUNY Oswego.

Being a college student for the first time can be wonderful and awful, sometimes on the same day! When everything is new, it helps to have someone who knows the ropes as a guide. I have some experience, and I know where to get the answers when I am not sure.

What did Chrystal have to say about the whole thing?

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Marcia M. Burrell
101B Swetman hall

Academic Advisement
When the time comes you will email me at burrell@oswego.edu with two possible open appointment times. I'll email you back, confirming your first choice (if possible), and ad your name to this list.

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