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Additional Information about web page creation project

1. Send me an email. 

a. There should be one email from the group. Include the name of the project and the web address. 
b. In most cases the web address will be http://www.oswego.edu/~(username).
c. In some cases the web address will be something different. You must have a working address, sent to me.

2. Email the copy of the file to each of the members in your group. Why? Everyone will have a copy, in case something is lost in the shuffle. If you have a disk, save it to disk.

3. Your web address will be connected to my web page. So I will be connecting to your site. 

4. How do you make changes to your web page at home?

a. Get into Netscape Navigator
b. Click on Communicator
c. Click on Composer
d. Find the file you worked on by going to file (open page)
e. Choose file (on a disk or saved on the hard drive)
f. Continue working on this version of your web page
g. When you are ready to publish, Click on publish
h. Follow the directions from the PowerPoint presentation from before to make changes (#14)
i. If you make changes, and then check them out on line. Make sure that you refresh or reload or you will not see the new changes. 

5. How do you get to CRT from home?

a. Go to your web browser
b. In the Location area type in telnet://rocky.oswego.edu
c. Type in username (login)
d. Type in password (password)
e. When the prompt rocky comes up-Type in the steps from step #13 from PowerPoint presentation)
f. You really will only need to do this once in class, but just in case you want to know for later. 
g. To get out of CRT, type "lo" (log out).

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