EED 394/396
Methods of Instruction Course Syllabus

Oswego State University EED394/396                                                  

Methods of Instruction Course Syllabus, Fall of 2002                                   

Beyerbach, Smith, and Nowyj                         

 Schedules, Assignments, and Resources

This syllabus contains a schedule of all assignments required for EED394, as well as a listing of the objectives they are designed to accomplish.  It should help you to construct the “big picture” of what the course is about and how the assignments fit together to help you become an effective teacher.  This packet should also provide you with an opportunity to develop your long range planning skills.

 OBJECTIVES (See School of Education Conceptual Framework):  As a result of this course, students will:

  1. Develop short and long term plans with attention to issues of meeting the needs of diverse populations (AUTHENTIC LEARNING & SOCIAL JUSTICE).
  2. Survey, choose, implement and evaluate a repertoire of teaching strategies to foster positive attitudes in all students (KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICE, REFLECTION & SOCIAL JUSTICE).
  3. Explore, examine and use models of instruction that contribute to an expansive learning environment (KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICE).
  4. Engage in activities that promote an active research model and encourage the use of educational technologies focused on promoting authentic learning by all students (PRACTICE, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, AUTHENTIC LEARNING & SOCIAL JUSTICE).
  5. Construct developmental assessment models that reflect and support expansive “learning communities” (REFLECTION & PRACTICE).
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the professional and legal obligations of teaching, including an ability to establish and maintain safety and to be a lifelong learner in conjunction with other educators (KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICE, COLLABORATION AND LEADERSHIP).


  1. Textbooks:            Burden and Byrd, Methods For Effective Teaching

Wong, The First Days of School

Grayson, GESA Participant Booklet (one per pair)

  1. Packet:  New York State Standards (required in class each day)
  2. Select a choice book from the following (you will be assigned to one of these)
    1. Five, Special Voices
    2. Payne, A Framework for Understanding Poverty
    3. Horne & McBeth, Essie's Story

Paley, The Girl with the Brown Crayon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Codell, Educating Esme

    1. Gruber, Haven

       Sonnie, Revolutionary Voices


  1. Professional articles as assigned throughout the semester 
    1. Readings are directly related to class topics.  You are expected to read each assigned selection and encouraged to reread throughout the semester.
    2. It is strongly recommended that you supplement your required readings with additional books and current journal articles.  As part of your required work for this course, you will be undertaking a  GESA group teaching project that will include readings that support the area that you will be analyzing.  This will also serve to broaden your understanding of educational theory and research as it relates to your practice.


Attendance is mandatory.  If you miss one full day of Methods your letter grade could drop one letter grade, two days, two letter grades, etc…  participation refers to active participation.  If you do not participate in class, your overall grade can be affected by 10%.  The expectation is for “interaction to enhance your learning.”  This means taking risks, learning by mistakes and demonstrating how you have increased our understanding of the instructional learning process.  We are aware that illness, family emergencies, etc… may make it impossible for you to attend a particular class.  In the event that you find yourself in one of these extraordinary circumstances, please make sure that you inform your professors and have your partner take notes and gather class materials on your behalf.  Any Methods time that is missed must be made up by as required by professors.  Any Practicum time that is missed must be made up at your cooperating teacher’s convenience.  Your cooperating teacher and your Methods professors must be informed regarding an absence no later than 8:15 am of the day that you are absent!


ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES                       Date                    % of Grade

All assignments must be proof-read and if there are more than three errors in mechanics (punctuation or spelling etc…), then the assignment must be redone.


Peer Teaching Lesson             (Respect Theme)                      10% total 

    Teach Lesson to Methods class               Sept. 10th 

    Reflections on the lesson due                   Sept. 19th  

    Teach same lesson to Practicum class      Sept. 19th

    Reflections on above are due                   Sept. 24th

GESA Group Project                                                                                            

    Group Written Report                        Oct.   1st            10%            

    Group Presentation                            Oct.   1st            10%

    Computer (Power Point)                        TBA                              5%

Questioning Assignment                         Oct. 15th              5%

Unit & Learning Center/Pract Portfolio Dec. 5th              30%

Journal Entries (weekly) and Child Study                          10%

List Serv (weekly)                                                               10%      

Attendance and Participation                                        10%



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