Dr. Kestas G. Bendinskas


Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry, 360 Shineman,
SUNY- Oswego,
Oswego, NY, 13126, USA
office (315)-312-2696
lab (315)-312-5237
fax (315)-312-5424
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Department of Chemistry, SUNY-Oswego
American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR) http://www.AJURonline.org/ is a national, independent, peer reviewed, open-source, just-in-time, multidisciplinary student research journal.
Instrumentation used in our Biochemistry program
Read about your Careers in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (.pdf, .45Mb)
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Center (MBBC)
KB's teaching philosophy
NE regional Sigma Xi poster conference
Who is KB?  What is he like?
Four All Who Reed and Right
Statement by Nobel Laureates on the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the Nobel Prize
About the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the theory of evolution
Help or kill less fortunate ones?
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