George Baloglou's Garden

Diaspora Greeks and Mikis Theodorakis: Greek music abroad

Stranded by History: A Greek village in Hungary

Paul Erdos: a non-mathematical obituary

Stolen photo: young woman and old landscape racing towards eternity

North Wind, South Wind: a Greek 'response' to Lily Marlene

A Black Sea Odyssey: A true story as told to/by Mariana Koromila

My Own Belgrade: Short lament on the fall of a country I never really knew

Hilarion of Crete and Tyrnovo: A case study in imported Balkanization of the Balkans

Town of Jewish laborers: A glimpse at Thessaloniki's not-too-distant past

The changing faces of St. Peter: A fast glance at Christian art

Greek Easter: Two contrasting views from Evros and Symi

After The War Was Over: a 2/18/1828 letter of Theodoros Kolokotronis to Ibrahim Pasha

Black cat, yellow door : Greece in the hands of the January sun

December 13, 2003: Oswego remembered

January 25, 1991 : a numerical morning in the life of an anonymous student

The quest for the Elgin Marbles : a recollection posted in memory of Jules Dassin and Melina Merkouri

They had no way to know: uncovering a distant death in the distant past

How big can a pizza slice be? : a sci.math diatribe

November blues: when the wind blows people apart

Manos Hadjidakis: the composer as remembered by Elia Kazan

It's not where you do it but what you do: (part of) Lord Rothschild's story

The Manakia Brothers: early Balkan cinematographers

Children on the door: war-time "games"

Petrichor: one of many Greek words born away from Greece

Little cat of Sao Jorge: How far can an Azorean cat travel?

The four-lynxes theorem: Solitary not always

Constantine Manos: Greek-American photographer and early post-war Greece

"Captain Corelli's Mandolin": a true story in the shadow of the novel

George Soulis (1927-1966): pioneer of Byzantine Studies remembered

Greek or Turkish? Spyros Vryonis' glance at Anatolian foods

To accent or not? A brief debate about Greek

The way they were : Daniel Moschopolites' Balkan lexicon

Ancient Greeks in Greece: a surreal concurrence

Time Innumerable: introducing Indian numerals in Ottoman Greece by way of Sophocles

"Wanted": Felis Sylvestris Cretensis

Mani in 1795: Modern Greece ready to emerge

Khesan: an Australian song of war and peace

Chants of Conquest: A powerful statement on the succession of civilizations

Smyrna 1914: Recollections grave and gay by George Seferis

You Never Knew Me: Ode to an angelic byzantinist hopelessly dreaming of Mount Athos

Israel in Sinai: Bullets against history

Verdun, July 12 1998: War and Peace

Mystery photo: an unexpected "present" from Budapest

"Practicing frames" and WWW tutoring: tough times in August 1997

only one swallow, and the spring so precious

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