a cypress tree left to the silence of the wind,

a sorrow that spread pigeon winds,

glance lost in the swamp's shadow,

dream fancy and untouched,

endless, secret playing of hair,

silence within the frozen song,

unbridged and tragic sea,

firm, boundless, stealthy,

hot tear springing out of the snow

to roll through untrodden slopes,

to wake up dead ghosts,

to frighten the heartless warriors,

to tear apart the spring's terrible serenity,

to play with the gods' hidden diamonds

and kiss the smiles of the children,

untold joy of dusk and hymn of noon,

you scatter time and lament along your way,

you pull into your chest thunders of salt,

you endlessy rue the coming of youth,

you stoically plead with the daughter of the sun,

you quietly put out the cinders of the eternal hopes,

and you vanish silently into your bitter sea.

In Greek