JANUARY 25, 1991

It sure is cold today. It must be only about 4 degrees. The way the weather is around here it could be 45 degrees tomorrow. No wonder we all get sick so often.

I had some errands to run this morning before school. I stopped at the Post Office to mail an over-sized letter and buy stamps. The letter weighted 1.4 ounces and so it cost 45 cents to mail. I bought a book of stamps, 20 of them for $5.00. If the price of stamps goes up to 29 cents each, I wonder how many will be in each book. Can they make it come out to a nice price?

I stopped at the Bagelry and bought some bagels. I couldn't decide whether to just buy 1 for 30 cents or buy a half-dozen at $1.55 and keep them for the rest of the week. I tried to compare the savings, the fact that individuals would be fresh and the fact that I would have to walk there each day if I wanted fresh ones.

On the way out I saw Linda and we stopped at Wahrendorf's for breakfast. She had a breakfast special for $2.19 and coffee for 60 cents. I had a Danish and hot chocolate for $1.65. We forgot to get separate checks so when the check came we figured out how much each owed and computed the tax individually and left a 15% tip.

By this time, I was late for class so I took a taxi instead of walking. It cost me $4.75 for just a 15 block ride that only took 4 minutes. That's 90 cents more than minimum wage.

[Quite possibly a "numeracy assignment", found in the Snygg Hall photocopying room in late January 1991 ... affectionately dedicated to the "bazaar fox"]

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