Phil Tracy (who taught Mathematics at SUNY Oswego from 1989 to 1992) and I completed our paper on "Circular Sets" in the summer of 1991. For one reason or another it remained unpublished. Believing that it is of both scholarly and educational value, we post it below and welcome your comments. Some remarks of our own will be added later on. (Well, not quite, but you may have a look at a Monthly problem (#10345, jointly with Fred Galvin) and a 'Problem in the Open Disc' (half-solved by Randall Dougherty) generated by our paper.)

For obscure technical reasons, the paper is/was split into four parts:

(I) Geometric considerations (pp. 1-8)

(II) The effect of compactness (pp. 9-17)

(III) Main result and examples (pp. 18-30)

(IV) Concluding comments (pp. 31-37)

Entire paper in a single PDF file

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