To begin:

I loved the course itself. I find Mathematics extremely interesting. I know my limitations in it, but always find that my mind goes to meet the challenge of Math.

To middle:

I found the course to be adversarial, with George holding the flag of "US", and the students holding the tattered banner of "THEM"! Every day in class was like a war zone, with students making occasional sorties to the castle of Calculus and being ridiculed for their lack of previous knowledge. It seems unfortunate, but George acted as a closed drawbridge. Instead of leaving the door open, he forced the students to scale the ramparts, avoid boiling oil, and, if any of us made it, fight the black knight of Calculus to get inside the keep.

To end:

I will be taking more Math, plenty more. I hope to never have George again. If I do, at least I'll be prepared for him. Next time around I'll be sure to know my Math, and question him until he answers my questions.

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