My father's fatherless family shortly after the Asia Minor Catastrophe

[At bottom center-left is my father, Nazi labor camp survivor and author of "Scattered Drops of Geometry" (2001)]

The tiny village of Sille, 8km northwest of Konya, has a long and interesting history. Helena, mother of Byzantine Emperor Constanine, stopped in Konya during her journey to Jerusalem for a Hajj pilgrimage in 327 AD, and after seeing the engraved temples here belonging to the first ages of Christianity, she too decided to construct a temple. The Sille Aya, or Elena Church, contains a rostrum and some fairly well preserved murals, which are unique works of art. It is thought that this church was in use until 1923. The village also has old stone bridges, other churches and the remains of frescoes. Sille is reached by bus number 64 from Konya.
Source: Konya Chamber of Industry