Dr. White's preface to "Adventuring with Anatolia College"

"I have often been asked by one or another to write the history of Anatolia College: its establishment and service in Marsovan (or Merzifon) in north central Asia Minor under the Turkish Government; its wreck during the greatest war storm of all history; the removal of soul and spirit without the body, if that word may be used of the material plant; relocation 800 miles away in a new city, a new country, and a new continent; the rebuilding in Salonica (Thessaloniki) beginning not only without a building, but without a bench, a book, a bed, or a bell; and, more serious still, losing every teacher representing any one of the four chief national groups among the constituency of our first embodiment, Armenian, Greek, Russian, and Turkish. It is the prime purpose of this narrative to record these actual events in which I had some share.

Then follow historic lists of teachers and staff, and of students graduating in the first embodiment of the College in Asia Minor and the second, under the Greek Government in Macedonia.

Wide public changes accompany these events, and short chapters are added with regard to the sweep of national and world-wide movements taking place far beyond the College campus, but each of vital concern to the interests of the College. The manuscript has been read and valuable suggestions have been made by Dr. Albert Shaw, and the publication has been authorized by our trustees. Publication has been urged by my successor in the Presidency, Rev. Ernest W. Riggs, and by Dr. Russell Henry Stafford, minister of the old South Church in Boston, President of the Trustees who, also, has written the Foreword."

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