Donations to Anatolia College

"About this time I saw Judge Cray, who said to me: "I haven't any money for you, but you're all right. You don't push people too hard. When I see you I don't have an inclination to get across the street and get out of your way". In the spring came the call to go overseas again to the College campus where I belonged, and soon a cable followed me, saying, "Sikes bequest $5,000.00". When I reached Minneapolis again, as soon as I happened to meet Judge Cray, he grinned and said, "Perhaps it would interest you to know that I drew Mr. Sikes' will, and when my client consulted me in regard to a bequest for Anatolia College, I was glad to encourage him to make it".

One time I met an aged farmer's widow in Chester, Iowa, where I lived when a boy. She handed me $1.00, which for her was generous. I said I was sure her prayers would follow her gift, and she answered, "George, I pray for you and your work every day". Such gifts are very sacred. They carry a reminder of Paul's words, "Ye, also, helping together by prayer for us", often quoted by Sec. Patton."

[From: George E. White's "Adventuring With Anatolia College", p. 194 (Herald-Register Publishing Company, Grinnell, Iowa, March 1940)]

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