I was driven to the ruins of ancient Utica by an unsuspecting friend on a Sunday afternoon, not long before the small, rural museum's closing time. I was not at all prepared for this Roman p6m pattern lurking under my feet; in fact I first noticed only the black triangles and one of their cm subpatterns in my walking direction! Not surprisingly, hexagons host sixfold centers, triangles host threefold centers, and rectangles host twofold centers; glide reflections are nicely underlined by 'upright' and 'inverted' yellow triangles. (The center above is reconstruction, the two sides are original.)

"Opus sectile" d' Utique -- near Tunis, 5/24/98

[Photo by Nicolas Fauque' -- from Fethi Chelbi's "Utique la splendide", p. 57]

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