A belt with a curious twist (p'112)

Tim Dawson states (e-mail message, 9/30/99) that he embroided this belt inspired by "the interlocking swastika pattern from the side semidomes of the church of Hosios Loukas in Phokis (Greece)". The belt is worn by a Byzantine "princess or high noblewoman" in Tim Dawson's "Levantia" web page, devoted to "Byzantine and medieval Near Eastern social history, especially that explored by means of practical reconstruction and experimentation" and also discussing "issues of historiographic method and representation in public contexts". Notice that the pattern's color-reversing translation is mathematical rather than real: while one can map (point by point) yellow to white and vice versa, there is no way that either color can be physically translated to cover the other; color-preserving centers are right at the interlocking points, and color-reversing ones in the red background.