... On a December day in an Athenas Street full of vegetables, oranges, tangerines, and shining colors, I run into Nikos Gatsos. I tell him: "I got an idea, why don't we buy a bag of tangerines and go to Aerides, and relax there eating them and throwing the peels on the green grass?". "I can't make it, I have an errand to run", he said. Several years later I run into Gatsos at Zonar's. He is run down, and tells me: "You know what I recall? Twenty years ago we ran into each other at the Vegetable Market and you told me about those tangerines and I said 'some other time'. That other time has never come. Now I can't, I don't have any energy left..."

Interview with playwright Iakovos Kampanellis, VIMA, 11 March 2001