Symmetry and Culture

[A rather limited, but ever growing, 'personal' collection of symmetric designs reflecting on my journey through MAT 103 and its original form and name .]

A mathematical Pacific trip: A quick look at Professor Donald Crowe's work and the origins of MAT 103

A student's tribute: Crystal Henry's Native American farewell to Professor Margaret Groman

The Barcelona tile: A distant echo of the Alhambra tradition or a contemporary creation?

Belt from Down Under: Tim Dawson's reconstruction of a Byzantine belt (and more)

Barry's Squares: Science writer Barry Cipra's contemporary designs

Nenets on the move: A Russian border pattern with a moving glide reflection

Utica's hexagonal surprise: Quite possibly one of the oldest 'non-circular' p6m patterns in the world

From Berkeley to Jerusalem: Professor Dror Bar-Natan's photo collection of wallpaper patterns (and more)