... nor a wedding without laughter, nor a scribe without error ...

Cephas Diogenous, 1404

Background inspired by an example in R. L. E. Schwarzenberger's Colour Symmetry

(Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, volume 16 (1984), pp. 209-240)


George Baloglou

"Mathematics for the new, Philology for the unexpected"

The Castle of Calculus: A memorable (?) teacher evaluation

Intersection of two circles : A simple region with a complicated area formula

How Euclid could have done it: A 'unified' proof of Pythagoras' theorem and its converse

Circular Sets : A beginner's introduction to Geometry and Topology

epsilon-delta : a collection of old-fashioned Calculus/Analysis problems

A Number Theory short (?) story: how far can primes smaller than 13 go?

keitai ex isou: A bold interpretation of Euclid's definitions #4 and #7

MAT 103: the course I actually lived rather than merely taught

Greek dolphins of Delos, still singing

Homerica : from one end of Greek to the other

"Adventuring with Anatolia College" : a U.S. educator in Turkey (1890-1921) and Greece (1923-1933)

Post-War Thessaloniki : A surreal yet penetrating tour by Kostas Zouraris

The Mad Pomegranate Tree : poem by Odysseas Elytis

Elegy : poem by Nikos Gatsos

Sea of all waters : folk song from the Cyclades Islands

Neptuno na Horta

Gavdos in 1990 : Greece's life vanishes into the blue

A trip through Northwestern Greece, July 1992 : landscapes, people, and politics

"A home page is like a garden in the office" (paraphrased Chinese proverb)

Political prisoners' camp on Makronisos island -- 1949 watercolor by Yannis Ritsos