Managerial Economics

           COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Managerial Economics is the application of economic theory and
           methodology to managerial decision making problems within various organizational settings such as
           a firm or a government agency.  The emphasis in this course will be on demand analysis and
           estimation, production and cost analysis under different market conditions, forecasting and decision
           making under uncertainty. Students taking this course are expected to have had some exposure to
           economics and be comfortable with basic algebra. Some knowledge of calculus would also be
           helpful although not necessary. COURSE OUTLINE
             I.  Introduction
                      What Is Managerial Economics?
                       Firms and Managerial Objectives
                       Economic Optimization
                       Firms and Profits
                       Tools of Economic Analysis
                       Marginal Analysis
            II.  Demand and Supply
                       Demand Analysis
            III. Regression Analysis: Demand Estimation
                       Measuring Economic Relationships
                       Statistical Relations and Regression Analysis
                       The Business Cycle
                       Time Series Trends
            IV. Production and Cost
                       Theory of Production
                       Cost and Profit Analysis
                       Empirical Analysis of Production and Cost
             V. Market Structure
                      Perfect Competition
                      Measuring Firms' Performance
                      Making Decisions under Noncompetitive Conditions
                      Pricing Methods
             VI. Regulating the Market Economy
                      Economies of Scale
                      Taxes and Subsidies
                      Costs of Regulation
             VI.  Project Decisions
                      Decision Making under Uncertainty: Risk Analysis

Note: Students who have a disabling condition which might interfere with their ability to successfully complete this course are
encouraged to speak, confidentially, to the class instructor, or to contact the Office of Disability Services

Students are required to attend classes regularly and actively participate in all classroom activities. All class assignments must be handed in on time. Students may submit their class assignments by email only when they are so instructed or permitted by the instructor. Make-up tests are given only when a student misses a test as a result of a professionally diagnosed and treated illness and other verified extenuating circumstances. Make-up tests may or may not have the same format as the scheduled tests.

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