Our Sociology department consists of a diverse faculty energetically offering a major consisting of rigorous core classes that impress graduate schools combined with the freedom of choice (under advisement) among interesting and challenging elective classes. The outstanding background our program provides applies to a wide range of job fields.

The Sociology department offers a number of courses in popular culture, including "Sociology of Jack the Ripper," "Sociology of Seinfeld," "Sociology of The Simpsons" and "Sociology of Popular Culture." Other electives include "Sociology of Sport" and "Sociology of Tourism."

Majors and Programs

You can earn a major in Sociology or a minor that fits well with other majors at Oswego.

Student Opportunities

Students present papers at Quest day and are encouraged to present at sociology conferences such as the New York State Sociological Association. Students who share a research interest with professors are often invited to assist. In some cases, such research may lead to publication. Student Ellen Reed co-authored a paper -- "A Night Out with Karl Marx: A Critical Analysis of the film Avatar," with department chair Tim Delaney -- undergoing review as a possible chapter in the forthcoming book Marx Goes to the Movies.


Sociology professors regularly publish books as well as journal and other professional articles. Sociology professors present papers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Delaney, Tim (Department Chair) (website)

Grimshaw-Clark, Maria

Kim, Young (Advisement Coordinator)

Miner, Zachary

Rose, William


After Oswego

A degree in sociology has become increasingly marketable in recent years as the applied design of the degree affords numerous career choices including administration, advertising, banking, counseling (family planning, career, substance abuse), community planning, health services, journalism, group and recreational work, marketing and market research, sales, teaching (if certified), human resources/personnel work, social services and social research. One example is graduate Geoff Baker, a social studies teacher in Bangkok, Thailand, also conducting research on world religions and income.