The study of Philosophy is the reasoned examination of such values as justice, equality, rationality and truth. It offers intellectual challenge and growth, and in the process, teaches you to communicate clearly, present logical arguments, imagine diverse possibilities, defend a position and appreciate alternative points of view -- skills important to your employability, professional advancement and ultimate satisfaction in life.

Majors and Programs

We offer a major and minor in Philosophy, as well as guidance for those considering philosophy as a second major. We also have an interdisciplinary Psychology-Philosophy major.

Student Opportunities

Professors are actively involved in working intensively with students. For example, Professors Card, DeLancey and Wray each received Student-Faculty Collaborative Challenge Grants through SUNY Oswego allowing them to work one-on-one with students on research projects. Professor Card conducted a study with a psychology student to explore whether gender influenced the division of labor within Central New York households.

Professor DeLancey has undertaken research projects with students funded both by a campus grant and by the Army Office of Basic Research. Professor Wray, in collaboration with Professor Leigh Bacher in the Psychology department and a number of students, studied how college-age students acquire scientific reasoning skills.

We also have a Philosophy Club, an endowed lecture series that brings an esteemed philosopher to campus each year, and a regular colloquium series where professors share their newest research and writing on campus.


Our talented faculty teach thought-provoking classes, work with students on many areas of exploration and publish in top journals in the field.

Full-time faculty:

Robert Card, Ph.D. (Website -
Ethical Theory, Biomedical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Business Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy

Jean Chambers, Ph.D. (
Ethics, Social Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Issues of Feminism

Craig DeLancey Ph.D. (Chair) Philosophy/Psychology Advisor (Website -
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science

K. Brad Wray. Ph.D., Advisement Coordinator (
Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Science Studies, especially the social epistemology of science, Thomas Kuhn, anti-realism and collective intentionality

Part-time Faculty:

Richard Cocks, Ph. D. (
History of Philosophy, Ethics

David Horacek, Ph.D. candidate (
Metaphysics, Epistemology

David Lambie, Ph.D. candidate (

William Mott, Ph.D. candidate (
Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Theory of Knowledge

Lori Nash, M.A. (
History of Modern Philosophy, The Philosophy of Aristotle


Pat Meleski, Secretary (

Emeritus Faculty:

Rodney P. Byrne, Ph.D.
Philosophy of Science, History of Science

Robert D. Carnes, Ph.D.
Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind

Charles Echelbarger, Ph.D.
History of Modern and Recent Philosophy, Contemporary Metaphysics

After Oswego

Success stories include our most recent winner of the Paideia award, given by the philosophy department to an outstanding graduating senior: John Heagerty, who majored in biological sciences and philosophy. "I chose to study Biology and Philosophy at SUNY Oswego because the professors are exceptional," John said. "Both departments are filled with great professors that engage in their field, actively publish and have a passion for teaching." John is completing preparations to apply for graduate studies and plans to earn both a Ph.D. in bioethics and an M.D.