Computer Science


Our established Computer Science department collects a wide variety of faculty expertise, student opportunities and cutting-edge programs. In addition to our strong Computer Science core, our programs include offer the first Software Engineering degree in the SUNY system and a groundbreaking master's program in Human-Computer Interaction and innovative interdisciplinary programs.

Damian Schofield interviewed in Australia
Damian Schofield's video interview in Australia with the Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory program.

Majors and Programs

You can earn either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in Computer Science, as well as a minor. Our Software Engineering program prepares students as software engineers with expertise in engineering software systems and contains a year-long capstone experience requiring student software development for real clients.

We also support a multidisciplinary program leading to a bacehelor of arts in Information Science and contribute to a minor in Computer Information Systems. We provide major support to an interdisciplinary major in Cognitive Science (BA or  BS) containing elements of computation, learning models, language and other mind-related fields of study for a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science or minor.

We contribute to a master's in Human Computer Interaction which integrates cognitive processes, computer science and graphic design in studying how humans use interactive computing system.

Student Opportunities

Students can benefit from Oswego's variety of labs, facilities and outstanding professors to stretch their knowledge and experiences. Some students engage in research projects with professors including Internet security, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Two separate laboratories maintained by the department house dozens of Sun Rays with gigabit connection to a Sun server; one houses Dell Pentium IV computers with connection to the campus network. A special Sun-based research laboratory supports sponsored research.

The department offers ample opportunities for internships, independent study and individual research. All interested students are invited to join the Computer Science Association, Information Science Club and Women in Computing organizations.


Our faculty bring a diverse blend of experience and expertise. Collectively, our faculty members hold Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research, international teaching experience and hands-on industry know-how. Areas of expertise include gaming development, object-oriented design, parallel processing, forensic recreation and artificial intelligence.

Full-time Faculty

  • Isabelle Bichindaritz -  BS, MS, PhD.  Special interests: health information technology, case based reasoning
  • William C. Bosch -
    BA, MS, PhD (in progress). Special interests: expert systems, computer use in education, human factors.
  • James P. Early -
    BS, MS, PhD. Special interests: computer and network security, software engineering, data mining, computer science education.
  • Sue Fettes -
    BA, MA, PhD, MS. Special interests: computation, combinatorics and graph theory.
  • Craig Graci -
    BA, MA. Special interests: artificial intelligence, data models, programming languages.
  • Christopher Harris -
    BS, MS, MBA, PhD. Special interests: human-computer interaction, human computation, crowdsourcing, gamification, information retrieval, data mining, software engineering, technology entrepreneurship, and smart data integration.

Adjunct Faculty and Support Personnel

After Oswego

With their solid preparation, students pursue career opportunities as diverse as computer programming, systems analysis, management science applications, information systems, networking, research and others. Typical entry-level job titles of graduates include programmer, software engineer, systems analyst and research consultant.