One of the select art departments to earn accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Art Department at SUNY Oswego seeks students ready for demanding programs that offer opportunity for diversity and focus. We seek fearless students wanting to be among the select few that can understand where the world has been, define the world as it is today, and speculate on the world of tomorrow.

Our majors and programs train students for careers in many professionsincluding studio art, graphic design, web design, multimedia, illustration, photography, ceramics, museum studies, expressive arts therapy and arts management. Many students, especially those inthe competitive Bachelor of Fine Arts program, go on to graduate studies, including in our Master of Arts Teaching program.

Facilities in Tyler Hall include two galleries and studios as diverse as ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, painting, photography and foundation design. The building also houses a woodshop and digital imaging lab. The graphic design program in Lanigan Hall is close to the Center for Communication and Information Technology, and provides ready access to digital media labs, audio/video projects studio and a portfolio preparation and framing studio.

Majors and Programs

Students can elect to major in Studio Art, Graphic Design or Art History within the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs.

Students in the BA program pursue multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary study, and can major or minor in a second subject such as arts management, psychology, cognitive science, broadcasting, public relations, communications, advertising and marketing, technology education and information science, to name a few.

For talented students seeking a demanding program with a high degree of focus, the BFA offers in-depth study of either Studio Art or Graphic Design. The BFA is limited to select students chosen through a separate application process. Students seeking admission into our BFA programs need to demonstrate an aptitude for hard work evidenced by a strong well-presented portfolio, exemplary academic performance and solid writing skills.

Students also pursue advance study through our Master's in Art program which involves intensive creative work culminating in a master's thesis exhibition. We also collaborate with our School of Education for a Master of Arts in Teaching Art program for future teachers.

Student Opportunities

Students exhibit, collaborate and work closely with professors and younger students -- even those of elementary school age -- in a vibrant department abounding with opportunities for interaction.

Student groups like Arts Alive!, Break Thru Design and the Student Art Exhibition Committee encourage exhibitions and field trips. Showcase opportunities include our annual juried exhibition, BFA exhibits each semester for those graduating and another for master of arts in teaching students. Student work attracts the campus, community and media to the galleries in Tyler Hall and at Oswego State Downtown, an extension of the College Book Store.

One effort to reach the surrounding community had student artists teaming with Oswego City School District teachers and fourth-graders in Kingsford Elementary School for an adopt-a-school project. The program supported several of the the School of Communication, Media and the Arts’ goals, including finding meaningful ways to assist local schools and artists, teaching the importance of sharing talent and time in the community, and introducing the academic and artistic culture of a college campus to young students.


  • The department advisement coordinator, Kelly Roe, has continually been a strong contributor to Oswego excellence. Her quiet leadership and steady demeanor has served the department well and has contributed to the success of hundreds of students, many of whom continue to reach out to her via social media. Her achievements as a practicing artist underscore her growing national reputation and it is clear that she will continue to be active and successful in the future. Working as a book artist, printmaker, and photographer has allowed her to stage her creative activities in a complimentary manner. A narrative artist by design, her artist books are deeply enriched by her expertise in printmaking and photography as well as by the power of her own prose.
  • Studio area coordinator Richard Metzgar provides a great deal of stability and structure to the department. His scholarly activities are at the forefront of contemporary practices and reflect positively on SUNY Oswego.Through his work with Paul Bartow in Bartow+Metzgar, and as a member of the spurse collective, he has been able to yield extensive exhibition opportunities. Working in both groups on installation experiences that stand at the intersection of art and science, Metzgar's extensive collaborative exhibition record finds him extremely active across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to collaborative work, he is also active with his solitary work, which has also met with strong success.
  • The department's newest faculty member, Benjamin Entner, is very active as an artist and scholar. Established regionally as evidenced by his inclusion in such prestigious regional shows as "The Other New York" at the Everson Museum and his commission for the Albany Airport, "American Gothic." He is positioned to emerge on the national scene as evidenced by his selection for solo exhibitions in Lynchburg, Virginia and Des Moines, Iowa, where he also lectured and workshopped at Drake University. Teaching in both sculpture and art history, Entner is typical of the breadth and depth of many of the department's faculty.
  • Other faculty work in graphic design, ceramics, digital media, photography, installation art, illustration, printmaking, painting, art history, web design and more.

Cynthia Clabough
Professor of Art, Graphic Design & Art History
32C Lanigan Hall or 125 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-5624

Advisement Coordinator-
Kelly Roe 
Assistant Professor, Graphic Design & Print Making 
32C Lanigan Hall and 234 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-2850

Art History Coordinator- 
Lisa Seppi
Assistant Professor of Art History
227 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3184

Graphic Design Coordinator-
Cara Brewer Thompson
Associate Professor, Graphic Design, Web Design & Multimedia
32A Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-5623

Studio Art Coordinator- 
Richard Metzgar
Associate Professor
229 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3185

Tyler Gallery Director-
Michael Flanagan 
123 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-2112

Benjamin Entner 
Assistant Professor, Sculpture & Art History
231 Tyler HAll 
(315) 312-3187 

Roxanne Jackson 
Assistant Professor, Ceramics 
235 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-3237 

Julieve Jubin 
Associate Professor, Photography 
220 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-3243 

Lisa Langlois
Associate Professor, Art History
222 Tyler Hall

Christopher McEvoy 
Assistant Professor, Painting 
Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3244 

Rebecca Mushtare 
Assistant Professor, Web Design & Multimedia 
32B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-2004

Juan Perdiguero
Associate Professor
223 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3240

Renee Stevens 
Visiting Assistant Professor, Graphic Design 
32C Lanigan Hall 
(315) 312-5624

Part-Time Faculty (Adjunct Faculty)

Amy Bartell
35B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-2855

Judith Ann Benedict
224 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3239

Jeremy Blackburn
120 Tyler Hall

Toni Burrows 
232 Tyler Hall

Jason Cheney
232 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3188

William DeMott
234 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3189

Alesha Hall
35B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-2855

Kaycie Haynes
35B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-2855

Walter Langlois
222 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3241

Aaron Lee
32C Lanigan
(315) 312-5627

Linda Paris
213 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3391

Mary Pierce
232 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3242

Carla Senecal
35B Lanigan Hall 
(315) 312-2855 

Jenilee Ward 
36 Lanigan Hall 


After Oswego

Our art and graphic design graduates work in wide variety of careers. Some go on to museums, galleries, advertising agencies, media companies, graphic design firms and more. Others pursue self-employed studio work. They find opportunities in photography, illustration, digital media, graphic design, information design, education, motion graphics, integrated media design, book arts and many other fields.

Alumni continue to be very active in the department, providing assistance with career preparation by speaking to students about the field, reviewing portfolios, participating in mock interviews, sponsoring or connecting students to internships, and generally sharing knowledge and being open to networking with the current students at their alma mater. Whether staying in state or moving out across the country, graduating seniors can reach out to caring alumnus for advice, encouragement, and opportunities.

Well established in the state and the region, many students prepare for life after Oswego by being involved in various service learning opportunities. Students seeking an in-depth experience set-up off-campus internships either during the academic year, or during their summer or winter recess. Committed to service learning as well as community building, the department actively works with non-profits and small start-up businesses throughout the region, providing opportunities for students to gain experience while in the classroom.

While many of our majors go out into the field after graduation, a growing number go on for graduate education in such fields as Human Computer Interaction, Library Science, Information Design, Interaction Design, Animation, and other emerging fields created in the aftermath of the digital revolution. Others go on into traditional graduate programs in Art Education, Fine Arts, Art History, Art Therapy and more.