Sample HTML page using the 'old' PHP script | Text version

Form Tools on LakerApps (Google Drive)

Laker Apps on Google has a form tool. It's much easier to use than creating a form in our CMS plus the data is placed in an spreadsheet on Google drive. This spread sheet can then be downloaded and manipulated in Excel or imported into a database.

You can use the form tool by directing users to it with a link or, you can embed a line of HTML code in the CMS editor which will show the form on a web page on our SUNY Oswego web server.

You can find documentation here here (PDF, rev 8/13).  

Keeping the Previous Form Script

If you already have forms created using the 'old' PHP script; never fear. That script is not going away. See the sample page using that form or text version of the HTML code for a form.

Because Google mail's conversations with the same subject line are nested, there is concern that some emails created by the PHP script would be lost. To avoid this, all form messages utilizing the PHP script will now have a date/time stamp in the subject.