Embed LakerApps Spreadsheet

This method uses a table gadget to show the entire spreadsheet

The table gadget below can be filtered by anyone viewing the web page. See the  sample spreadsheet

  1. Create the Google Spreadsheet
  2. Select the whole spreadsheet.
  3. From the menu at the top, choose Insert >gadget; then select table > table.
  4. Name the Table
  5. Select 'Show Filters'
  6. Apply and Close
  7. Click on the top of the table in the blue area; then click on down arrow
    1. Select 'Move to own sheet' (optional - but it will avoid covering-up the data in the original sheet)
    2. Select publish gadget.
    3. Copy the code; click Done
  8. Open the file in Ingeniux and click on the HTML button in the Body Copy area
  9. Paste the copied code into the page
  10. Check in.

These directions were created 4/25/12. Check Google documentation for the most up-to-date information.