Show Facebook Page 'Likes'

Do you want to promote your department's Facebook page? One way is to place a small box on your web pages that shows the page's stream and a 'like' button. People can read recent posts from your Page without going to Facebook. And, you can set the width so it will fit in the body copy area or a right column component.

Screen snapshot of Facebook Social Plug-in: Like boxThese directions work with Facebook Pages (not a personal Facebook account).

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and copy the page's address. The example on the right shows SUNY Oswego's Facebook Page address.
  2. In a different browser window go to the plug-in:
  3. Paste the URL of your page in the top box.
  4. For a right column placement, set the width at 230. Leave the height blank.
  5. Other options are explained on the plug-in page.
  6. When you are ready, click on 'Get Code.'
  7. Copy the iframe code.
  8. In Ingeniux, click on the HTML button and paste the code.

Below is the result