Embed an RSS Feed Using a Google Gadget

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds contains summaries of recent articles posted on a web site. You will need an RSS Reader to subscribe to feeds (more information). If you have favorite RSS feeds that you feel your readers will enjoy, you can embed those feeds on your own web page.

1. Embed One RSS Feed That Fits in the Right Column using Slim RSS Reader

This Google Gadget is good for embedding one RSS feed in a right column component. Follow these instructions to embed the titles only of SUNY Oswego News RSS Feed. For different feeds or locations on the web page, change italicized items.

First, copy the URL of the feed.
Go to Slim RSS Reader and enter these items:

  1. Title: blank
  2. Width 180 px
  3. Height: 200 px
  4. Border: leave the default border
  5. RSS Feed: http://www.oswego.edu/news/index.xml
  6. Items num: 5
  7. Click on 'Get the Code'
  8. Highlight (Ctr + A) and copy (Ctrl + C) the code in the box.

In Ingeniux:

  1. Edit the Right ColumnComponent
  2. Type in the title of the Feed.
  3. Click on the HTML icon in the editor
  4. Paste (Ctrl + V) the code into the HTML
  5. Click 'Update'
  6. Save and check in
  7. Place the right column component on the page.

See the sample on the right.


2. Embed the Text from a Google Calendar using a Google Gadget

For this, we are using Slim RSS Reader

Go to your Google Calendar

Your calendar must be public in order for the RSS feed to work. To change, click on the 'Share this Calendar' tab.

Here's how to find the RSS feed URL for your calendar

  1. Under 'My Calendars', click on the drop down menu and choose Calendar Settings
  2. Go to 'Calendar Address'
  3. Click on the XML button. This is the RSS URL for your calendar
  4. Highlight the URL and copy (Ctrl + C)

Go to Slim RSS Reader and follow the directions above.

Need help finding RSS feeds? Try this link most popular RSS feeds.