Welcome to Our Newest Lakers!

Welcome to SUNY Oswego! We are looking forward to your arrival. As we count down together toward the first day of class, it will soon be clear to you that you made a good choice. SUNY Oswego is a vibrant, challenging learning environment. We attend closely to the academic and personal success of each of our new students with an array of networks, programs and services to fit your transition needs, beginning with our summer Orientation program.

We have designed a Facebook closed group to assist you in your transition into the SUNY Oswego learning community. As a new student, you must actively engage in both the classroom and out-of-class environments in order to succeed. Only by applying yourself to your work and actively seeking out personal and educational connections within the community will you become a Laker.

We encourage you to explore the many opportunities available here for you to actively engage in new avenues of study and to stretch yourself to seek out new opportunities that will challenge you academically and personally. Some of them include:

● More than 60 majors, from Accounting to Zoology, 10 cooperative degree programs and almost as many academic minors to choose from in four academic schools: the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication Media and the Arts and School of Education.
● Close, personal contact with faculty, thanks to the First Choice program and First Year Advisement Program. Each student will be enrolled in at least one class capped at 19 students and will have a faculty advisor that is only advising up to 25 first year students. .
● A close-knit campus life, featuring more than 170 clubs and organizations, 24 NCAA Division III athletic teams and more than 25 intramural and club sports to choose from.
● Comprehensive first-year programs and transfer student services to ensure you're on the right track from the very start.
The Compass is located in the Campus Center and is designed to help our students better navigate their college experience, from orientation, personal assessment and major exploration to internships and post-graduate career planning.

You will learn much more about SUNY Oswego has to offer at the Orientation program. Get connected, get involved and help make your future a successful one!

Summer Orientation

You are probably wondering, "Is college life easy to adjust to?" "What is college life like" Well, college life is not always easy to adjust to and life on a college campus can be much more than what you would expect, even if you're a transfer student. With that in mind, we have designed a summer Orientation Program that will start you off on the right track adjusting to college.

Held ten times each summer, our New Student Orientation offers a one-day program for transfer students and a two-day program for freshman and transfer students with less than 30 credit hours. These programs are designed to assist you with the transition into being our newest Lakers. It's our way of welcoming you to your new home and to personally introduce you to Oswego's programs, services and activities. We even have fun and informative activities planned for your family too.

So what exactly can you expect from Orientation? Here's a look at some of the highlights:
Meeting your Laker Leader. A Laker Leader is an upper division student who will guide you through the program and continue to assist you throughout your first two months of classes.
● Meeting a Transfer Mentor. Transfer students will have an opportunity to meet a transfer mentor in the MOST Program. MOST mentors are returning transfer students who are available to assist with helping you through your first year at SUNY Oswego.  
Finalizing fall classes. With the help of your faculty advisor, you'll review your first semester courses at SUNY Oswego. Plus, you'll also begin to consider some important decisions by meeting with representatives from a variety of academic departments.
Getting to know the campus. The campus can be overwhelming at first but it will begin to feel a little smaller by the end of the program as you experience residential life firsthand by staying overnight in one of our residence halls.
Understanding some of the campus resources. There are a variety of resource and programs available to help make your experience a successful one. Orientation will introduce you to some of these while providing you the tools to explore even more when you arrive on campus.
Making some friends and having fun. What would Orientation be without having some fun and getting to know some other students? BORING! Fortunately, we have plenty of activities already planned to help you to get to know other students and have a ton of fun!

Plus if you want to get a head start on your transition into SUNY Oswego, How to Do Really Well in College offers some great advice and is a quick read!
Don't Forget to Register!

New Student Orientations will be offered on the following dates this year: 
● June 28 to June 29
● July 2 to July 3
● July 5 to July 6
● July 9 to July 10
● July 11 to July 12
● July 13 (Transfer Students Only) 
● July 16 July 17
● July 18 to July 19
● August 3  (optional overnight on Aug 2 for transfer students) 

Connecting With the Community

Getting involved on campus and connecting with other students is a great way of making new friends, doing something that you enjoy or trying out something new. On campus, there are so many ways to get connected. Below are some initial ways that might help you take that first step in becoming an involved community member.

Your home away from home. At SUNY Oswego, residence life is such a comprehensive community-driven experience you'll be feeling at home in no time. We offer a variety of different living options, all of which are designed to make you comfortable and help you focus on achieving your academic goals and having as much fun as possible in the process. And if for some reason you have any trouble adjusting to your new environment, you won't have to worry about going it alone. Each of our residence halls is staffed with Resident Assistants (RAs) or Resident Mentors (RMs), current students who you can relate to and turn to for guidance and advice, as well as Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) and Assistant Hall Directors (AHDs).

Clubs and Organizations. Mark it on your calendar. August 29th is the Club and Organization Fair held in the Campus Center Ice Arena. There is literally something for everyone! There are music, theatre, sports, martial arts and leadership groups just to name a few.

Community Service. SUNY Oswego is known for its community service within the greater Oswego community. There are so many community service opportunities, students have tons of chances to get connected outside of our campus and make our community a better place.

Intramurals and Club Sports. Campus intramural, club sport, and open recreation programs provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of formal and informal, skilled and unskilled activities designed to promote health and wellness. Play broomball, take a swim in the Lee Hall pool, join the Club Soccer team...there are plenty of options to get you up and moving!

We're anxious to see you and look forward to helping you make the most of your SUNY Oswego experience!