Sophomore Success

What does it mean to be a sophomore?

Sophomore year is a pivotal time in your college career when considerable thought needs to be given to the direction you wish to take, both academically and personally, throughout the rest of your tenure at Oswego. You will be asked to pick a field of study and chart your academic course. Some of you will take on a leadership position or get connected with a new club. Some will choose to study abroad and begin that application process. Others will find a new area of interest and drastically alter the course of your education. Although this time will be uniquely yours, you share with your peers the negotiation process as you move into the upper college.

The sophomore year is a distinctive one in terms of the opportunities and challenges it presents. Situated between the excitement and newness of your first-year and the more directed focus provided by the upper level classes and experiences taken in your junior and senior years, the sophomore year is one of transitions and, for some, dislocation. As a period of uncertainty for many, this phenomenon affects each student differently and to varying degrees. Some of you will find yourself struggling academically for the first time; while others will need some major and career guidance and its impact on future goals. For others of you, the difficulties of this year will be experienced entirely outside of the classrooms; as high school friendships fade and you feel that you haven’t quite found your place socially here yet.

How ever you are experiencing this exciting, if not at times stressful, year- we want to help! On this webpage are links that should help you answer the questions that will inevitably arise as you navigate your second year.  It is our hope that this year will be one of meaningful self exploration and skill development.