Sophomore Success!

Getting Involved

SUNY Oswego values student involvement beyond the classroom as this is a way to enhance our vibrant learning community.  Students who are involved in student organizations, participate in community service and become active members of the campus community find greater success in their academic pursuits and have a more fulfilling experience during their time at SUNY Oswego.

Students involved in these experiences gain a competitive advantage resulting from their increased capabilities and aspirations for collaboration, leadership, teamwork, time management, civic & social engagement along with furthering their ability to apply classroom lessons to real life scenarios. Through engagement in co-curricular opportunities students are able to develop the aforementioned skills and competencies sought after by most leading employers.  

Students can be involved in many aspects of campus life while at SUNY Oswego the following are a number of paths that students can take to become involved:

Student Involvement along with Student Association (SA) provide many opportunities for student leadership experiences by participating in the annual ALANA Multicultural Leadership Conference, the Student Involvement & Leadership Series, the Student Involvement Award's process and many other involvement opportunities afforded to officers and members of student organizations.  You  can find Student Involvement & SA in The Point in the Campus Center or online at: (

There are many categories of registered student organizations for students to become involved with on campus: Arts, Academics, Sport Clubs, Cultural, Community Services, Student Governance, Honor Societies, Media, Political Special Interest and Fraternities and Sororities.  For a complete list please visit the Online Directory of Student Organizations at: (  

The Student Association (SA) is the student governance body for campus that represents the student voice with campus administration and allocates the Student Activity fee to support student organizations and programs.  The annual SA budget is approximately 1.5 million dollars that are budgeted by and utilized by students.  To learn more about becoming involved with SA you can visit them online at: (

In addition to being involved in community service projects and programs with their student organizations, students can also participate in community service and service learning opportunities by visiting the Center for Service Learning and Community Services in the Compass, which is in the Campus Center or online at: (

Students living on campus can be involved in many aspects of their residential communities from attending Hall Council to working as Resident Assistants, Desk Attendants or a number of other jobs that teach management and leadership skills.  To learn more about becoming involved in your Residence Hall speak with your Hall Director or visit Residence Life & Housing online at: (

Students can be involved in a variety of athletic ways on campus as well.  Students may be NCAA athletes or they may attend the many athletic events hosted by our NCAA teams each year.  To learn more about which NCAA teams are on campus and see their schedules and highlights you can visit Laker Athletics at: (

Additionally, students can be physically active on campus by participating in intramurals and tournaments set up by Campus Recreation in Lee Hall or you can visit them online at: ( Or you can work on your personal fitness by joining a campus Fitness Center: (