Sophomore Success

Test Drive Your Career

You wouldn't buy a new car without driving it first, right?  Well, why not test drive a career before you commit?  These programs are designed to take you off campus and put you in the drivers seat in order to gather the information you need to make the best decisions.  We typically meet with new and seasoned employees in your field, Human Resource professionals to tell you about how to get into the field, take a tour of whatever facility they may have, and answer all your questions.  The schedule of trips we will take constantly evolves - check back often!  If you have a suggestion of where we might go, please email Gary Morris, Career Services in the Compass.

Past travel programs:

Forensics Lab  Clear Channel Radio  Public Relations - Eric Mower
albany Radio eric mower
 Laboratory Alliance  Everson & MOST Museums  Computer Careers - Partec
lab museum partec
 Corrections - Max. Security  Broadcasting - WSTM  
prison wstm  

• Bank of NY - Mellon: computer science positions

• Syracuse Research Center: computer science

• Paychex: computer science

• Lockheed Martin, computer science