Sophomore Conference - Spring 2013

Find Your Key to Success

Third Annual Sophomore Conference
Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Registration: 4:30-5:00pm in 114 Campus Center (near the hockey arena and Hearth Lounge)
Informational Tabling: 6:00pm-8:00pm in 132 Campus Center

*Students are invited to register for ALL or PART of the conference.  If you have a scheduling conflict, you are still welcome to come late and attend the evening's break out sessions.
Late comers: please sign in by 132 Campus Center and pick up conference materials.

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Joshua Fredenburg: 5pm-6pm in 114 Campus Center (near the hockey arena and Hearth Lounge)
"America's Next Top Leaders" According to a Business Week article in 2009 entitled "Best Places to Launch a Career", the most desirable trait in a future employee for 50% of the best places to launch a career was LEADERSHIP, which means, if you are going to succeed professionally in the 21st Century, you must possess quality LEADERSHIP skills. In this powerful and highly energized keynote presentation, Joshua Fredenburg, not only talks about the importance of effective leadership in today's job market and society, but he also provides emerging leaders with the specific leadership skills they must develop in college if they desire to become one of America's Next Top Leaders.

Break Out Sessions: 6pm to 8pm (Various Campus Center locations)

  • Some People Want it to Happen, Some Wish it to Happen, Others MAKE it Happen! SUNY Oswego students completed 39,000 hours of community service last year, find out how YOU can "make it happen" through volunteerism. The experts will also talk about how to earn academic credit through service learning and opportunities for alternative breaks along with the skills you will develop along the way to set you ahead of the rest!
  • Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You Love!  So you have a major, now what? What careers will fit best with your interests, strengths and values? Come find out how you can be among the 20% who feels they "never have to work a day in their life."
  • Networking 101: Because it is Also about WHO YOU Know! Do you have the resources, skills and connections to become a networking guru? If not, the road to successful networking starts here!
  • SUNY Oswego is Offering You the World, Are You Ready to Accept? SUNY Oswego provides students with the opportunity to travel to more than 30 sites in 15 countries around the globe. Earn academic credit, student teach, or gain research experience while seeing the world. Are you up for the challenge? Come find out why you too should do it and why employers will love you for it!
  • Hello, Real World, Getting the Internship or Co-Op You Want to Develoip the Skills You Need! Internships are critical  to your success on so many levels-there are networking opportunities, a change to "test drive" a career field or explore possible job opportunities. We will show you how to find the best possible internship for you!
  • The Leadership Challenge: Are You Ready to Develop the Leader in You? Going from "good" to "great", learn how you too can become a student leader using the strengths that you already possess. What are you doing now to develop into a leader of the future?
  • Pick Me! Pick Me! Come find out what employers are looking for and what skills you can begin to develop NOW and HOW so you can be "it".  The ladder to sucess starts now, so start climbing, the experts at this workshop will show you how.

Event brought to you by: Compass and Future Alumni Network!


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