Sophomore Success

Exploring Careers

Understanding the career options available to you related to your interests, abilities, and academic major is extremely important as you navigate through college.  There are many resources available to you to help you further understand what your options are, and then to narrow down those options in order to make appropriate choices.

Not to oversimplify a complex process, but one approach is to: 

  1. Learn more about yourself - your interests, values, abilities, strengths, etc.
  2. Understand the careers that might be a good match given the information above
  3. Ultimately begin to narrow down all the possible career options into a manageable list to further explore


What Can I Do With a Major in…?

Online Resources:

SUNY Oswego has some great information on careers related to our majors.

Northern Illinois University, the University of North Carolina, and California State - Fullerton have also put together some great information you may want to check out!

Search for information about occupations including career tasks, applicable skills, work activities, and related occupations (this resource also matches occupations to Strong Interest Inventory results).  You can generate customizable occupation reports, browse categories, and much more!

Bureau of Labor Statistics 
The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information designed to help people make decisions about their future careers.  Search the Occupational Outlook Handbook for information such as:  nature of the work, training, job outlook, salary and related occupations.

This site has a wealth of resources broken down into 250 career categories. There is a nice search engine to assist in finding specific information and lots of web links.

Search career fields to obtain information including job descriptions, job outlook, salary ranges, training, and education requirements.  To receive a FREEDISCOVER user id visit the Resource Center in the Compass, 142 Campus Center. Click here for more information about the "Discover." 

Strong Interest Inventory
An interest inventory that matches your interests with career fields.  This is a great tool if you are interested in learning more about specific career fields and jobs that match your interests.  If you are interested in completing this inventory visit the Compass, 142 Campus Center. 

Job Shadow/Informational Interview
Spend a day with a professional in the field or interview a professor about their discipline.  This is a great way to learn firsthand about career fields or majors. Sophomores may utilize the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (A.S.K.) program to connect with alumni in their career field of interest.  Not sure what to ask?  The Informational Interviewing handout will get you started.

Exploring Through Experience 
Service Learning, VolunteeringCareer Awareness (GST303) and Internships (GST498) are all fantastic ways to gain information about majors and careers.  Search Laker Leads for an opportunity that is related to a field or major of interest to acquire skills and knowledge of real world settings. Visit the Compass, 142 Campus Center to learn more about volunteer and internship opportunities. 

Career Videos from, a leading entry level job search and internship site.