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Juniors - Define Yourself!

College offers many ways to define who you are; what is important to you, what are your strengths, and who are you striving to be.  During your junior year it is essential to define who you are in a comprehensive and articulate way so that you can present yourself in the most refined and accurate way to others.  There are many ways to define who you are including:

  • Developing a personal mission statement that articulates how your strengths and values will contribute to career and life success.  Visit the COMPASS and meet one on one with a professional
  • Refine your resume to DEFINE the best you have to offer
  • Develop a portfolio
  • Seek out leadership roles in clubs and organizations that allow you to utilize your strengths, passions and skills
  • Identify a mentor on campus who can help guide you and listen to your future goals
  • Explore career options that fit your interests, values and skills