The Compass - Find your Direction

Juniors - Define Yourself!

Your junior year is an exciting time both academically and professionally.   Professionally, it is time to start thinking about your future career goals.  The COMPASS is here to help.  The most successful students take time to plan and set goals.  To DEFINE your life and career plans you should be considering all of the following things:

Internship Opportunities – Internships are an important part of your college career.  An internship allows you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to the world of work. Many students complete multiple internships.  Start planning now!

Community Services and Service-Learning – community service is a great way to participate in the community for a better understanding of the role you play in the community. Service learning enhances your community service experience by offering you the opportunity to reflect on this experience.  Credit is available for Service-Learning.

Resume– One of the best ways to DEFINE yourself to potential employers or internship placements is to have a refined resume.  Visit COMPASS for resume critiques and assistance.

Mock Interviews – It is time to start preparing for professional interviews.  The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice. The Career Services staff conducts private practice interviews. This hour long session consists of a short (10-15 minute) videotaped "interview." Visit COMPASS to set up a mock interview and receive professional guidance on interview strategies.

Career Exploration – what can you do with your major? The DISCOVER program is a web based career planning program designed to assist students with many aspects of career/job search decisions. DISCOVER allows users to explore personal information through assessment (Inventories) and use the results information to identify potential career fields (Occupations) while exploring pathways for training and education (Schools).

Career fairs and networking - one of the best ways to meet employers from a wide variety of fields is to participate in a job fair. Career and Job Fairs are scheduled throughout the year, and generally the Career Services Office sponsors 8 - 10 of these fairs each year both on and off-campus.

Future Job Opportunities – Explore the job market to discover the opportunities that are available after graduation.