Getting Settled

First Year Students - Discover Yourself!

The first few weeks of college are an important time for you to get settled in and focus on feeling comfortable here at Oswego. Oswego is a new place and a new culture take time to find out about the people around you. We have lots to offer so get out there and check it out.


Finalize your Class Schedule

Contact your First Year Advisor if you have questions about your schedule (don’t make changes without getting advisement)

Make new friends
     In Class, Study Groups, Project
     In Residence Halls
         Go to the lounges, talk to the students on your floor or invite a neighbor to meals.
     Talk with your RAs and take part in Community Activities

Get an On-campus job

Buy your books and supplies

Go to class everyday!

Establish good study habits - you should be studying 2-3 hours out of class for every hour in class!
     Read all chapters assigned
     Study your notes each night
     Organize your notes

Basic time management
     Get a planner
     Set up a schedule for class, studying, leisure activities
     Find out about the basic resources you can utilize and utilize them
          Resident Assistants (RA)
          First Year Peer Advisor
          First Year Advisor

     Help you find your assigned advisor
     Assist you with navigating the add/drop process
     Referrals to other campus resources