The Compass - Distinguish Yourself

Make Yourself Marketable

Making Yourself Marketable

Complete items 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Then choose ONE item from items 5-10.

Visit the Compass Resource Center (145 Marano Center) and get a final critique of your resume and cover letter.  Don't forget to print out your resume and cover letter on FREE resume paper!  Another option is to use Optimal Resume - an online resource. DATE COMPLETED: ______ 

2.  Prepare for Your Interview.  DATE COMPLETED: ______ 

3.   Participate in a Mock Interview  Another option is to use hte video mock interview on Optimal Resume. DATE COMPLETED: ______

- The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice. The Career Services staff conducts private practice interviews. This hour long session consists of a short (10-15 minute) videotaped "interview." We will ask you typical interview questions asked in most interviews, or we can tailor the questions for a specific career field and even a specific company or position. Traditional and behavioral interviewing questions will be presented. After the interview and for the remaining time, we will provide feedback designed to help you improve your interviewing strategy. The mock interview is an excellent opportunity to see how you present yourself, and to evaluate your strengths and to see areas requiring improvement.

4.   Match skills to employer needs DATE COMPLETED: ______

- once you have identified the "skills that employers typically seek"  the next step is to match your skills to this skill set.  Utilize the "Skills Grid" to help you through this process.

Participate in ONE of the following activities (#5-10) to continue your preparation for the job search:

5.   Advanced Internship  DATE COMPLETED: ______
- search for an internship that provides you with experience in the field you are planning on working in.  Attend an "Internship Orientation workshop" for more information.  "Search internships online" or visit the Compass, 145 Campus Center, for assistance in finding an internship.

6.   Take on a leadership position in a "Student Organization"   DATE COMPLETED: ______
- Are you involved in a Student Club, Organization or Greek life?  There are dozens of organizations to get involved with and taking on a leadership role within an organization is an ideal way of distinguishing yourself to future employers and graduate schools.

7.   "Etiquette Dinner" - (highly recommended for Business students)    DATE COMPLETED: ______
- This program helps you prepare for the hidden aspects of the interview process and interview meal.  Did you know that over 50% of all selection job interviews include a meal!

8.   Buy professional attire   DATE COMPLETED: ______
- An important part of the job search process is to prepare in advance for your interview.  Knowing how to "make a good impression" during your interview is important.

9.   "Honor Societies"    DATE COMPLETED: ______
- One of the great academic achievements of any student is the election to an honor society in the student's major field of interest. Oswego students have the opportunity to gain recognition in many honor societies.

10.   Present at QUEST   DATE COMPLETED: ______
- Quest is a yearly campus-wide event during which faculty, staff, and students at SUNY Oswego present their research and their creative projects. This provides an opportunity for you to share your scholarly and creative efforts and communicate across disciplines.  "Submit a presentation" for inclusion in the Quest program.