The Compass - Distinguish Yourself

Search for Jobs, Graduate Schools or Long-Term Service Opportunities

Below are tasks that will assist you as you move through the Job/Graduate School/Long-term Volunteer Search phase of distinguishing yourself!  Complete numbers 1 and 2.  Choose ONE from numbers 3-5.  Then choose ONE from numbers 8-10.

1.  Review Job Search Guides   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Helpful guides are available online.  Visit the site for an online copy Job Choices, and Job Choices Diversity Edition.

2.  Research Organizations   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Two excellent resources to assist you with your research are available in the Compass Resource Center.  The online company research tool: Reference USA and the Focus2 Career Planning Program.  Stop by and have a Compass Navigator show you how these work. 

 Attend Career and/or Networking Event (Complete at least ONE of the following: numbers 3-7)

3.  Central New York Teacher Recruitment Days   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Looking for a teaching job after graduation?  Attend the annual Central New York Teacher Recruitment Days (TRD) and have the opportunity to interview with hundreds of recruiters from school districts throughout New York State and the USA. This event requires you to register in advance and meet eligibility requirements.  Registration information and details are available on the TRD website.

4.  Career Fairs   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Several Career Fairs are held throughout the academic year which will give you the opportunity to meet directly with recruiters from organizations representing a wide variety of career fields.  Be sure to attend the Fall Career and Internship Fair (mid Fall) and Career Information Night (mid Spring).

5.  Long-term Volunteer Panel   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Each year many of our graduates consider opportunities to serve in long-term volunteer programs such as:  the Peace Corps and Vista.  The Service Learning and Community Services Office periodically holds panels/workshops to help you learn about these opportunities.

 Complete at least ONE of the following (numbers 6-8):

6.   Identify job opportunities to which you may apply.   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Your job search becomes very individual at this point and you begin to seek positions to apply to.  We have a number of resources to help you with this including:  LakerLeads and job searching handouts on our website.

7.   Take GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
If you are planning graduate study you may want to schedule to take the appropriate entrance exam before graduation.  We encourage you to attend the annual Graduate School Week activities including the Graduate School Fair and practice taking the entrance tests through the Kaplan Test Drive

 8.  Identify funding sources for graduate studies   DATE COMPLETED: ____________
Graduate School is a big financial undertaking and you will want to explore early sources of financial assistance.  Use the Focus2 program and meet with financial aid counselors to learn about additional opportunities.  If planning to attend SUNY Oswego graduate school, explore sources of financial assistance including grants and graduate assistantships.