The Compass - Distinguish Yourself

Put Your Plan Into Action!

Complete activities 1 and 2.  (Activities 3 and 4 are optional)

1.  Send out resume, references and applications and/or Apply to graduate schools

This is where the rubber hits the road.  You will want to begin several months prior to your graduation to send out resumes and applications.  We recommend that you begin this process early because many employers begin searching for new hires as many as eight to ten months in advance. Job Choices or Job Choices Diversity Edition, an online publication, contains information about many of these types of employers. 

DATE COMPLETED: _____________

2. Once you have completed each section of the myPlan, meet with a staff member at the Compass to review your progress: Monday-Friday from 2pm-4pm

DATE COMPLETED: _____________

Optional Activities:

3.  Interviews or on-campus recruiting 
DATE COMPLETED: _____________
Check out all our job search handouts . You have an opportunity to interview with employers who visit the campus during the fall and spring semesters and also will have interviews from applications you send out.

4.  Send Thank you notes to interviewers  DATE COMPLETED: _____________
You will want to get really good at writing thank you letters and other related job search correspondence as you develop your job search network.