The Compass - Distinguish Yourself

Set Yourself Apart as You Transition Out of College

Distinguish is where you will have the opportunity to focus on where you want to be and what you want to do as you transition out of college. You'll begin to draw some conclusions, and make some choices about the next few years of your life... or more. You have several major options - and unlimited minor options. The Compass can help you put you best foot forward whether you are looking for a job, applying to graduate schools, or something way off the beaten path.

To enroll in the DISTINGUISH myPlan, visit the Compass Resource Center (145 Marano Center) and meet with a Navigator.

You may want to consider reviewing the "Distinguish" myPlan.  The components are:

1. Develop and Finalize Your Plan

2. Making Yourself Marketable

3. Engaging in the search process for jobs, graduate schools, or long-term service opportunities

4. Put it Into Action!

5. Planning for the next phase