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Major Exploration and Confirmation

 Complete items 1 and 2.  Next, select ONE activity from items 3 through 5.

 1. Meet with your advisor   Date Completed ________

 2. Review Careers through some major exploration resources AND make a list of two to three careers that you are interested in or complete a review in Focus2.    Date Completed ________

 3.  Exploring Majors Workshop - attend a workshop (sign in)   Date Completed ________
        online exploring majors workshop option also available
(be sure to complete survey to receive credit)

 4.  Complete "Dissect a Major Worksheet" or review majors and minors in the 

         Undergraduate Catalog   Date Completed ________ 

- Meet with a Compass Navigator and discuss your review of the College Catalog.  Questions to answer include:

-What two to three majors are you interested in?

-What types of career fields are available in these majors?

-Are there any minors available to complement these majors?

 5.  Visit an academic department of interest OR Interview a professional/faculty member in the field of study you would like to pursue.   Date Completed ________

Questions to take with you:

-How did you get to where you are today?

-What skills must one possess to work in this field?

-What prior experiences are required?

-What advice would you give to assist me as I pursue this field of study?

-What level of education do I need to to succeed in this field?