The Compass - Develop Yourself

Commitment to a Major

Complete ONE of the following activities not already completed in the DISCOVER phase (choose One from 1-5):

1.  GST 103:  Exploring Your Strengths - Looking for a major that fits YOU?  Not sure what direction to take?  This one credit, quarter course is designed to help students discover and develop their strengths in academics, career selection, and beyond.  Students who understand and regularly apply their strengths throughout their lives are more satisfied and more likely to achieve academic, personal and professional success.  For more information, contact Christy HuynhDATE COMPLETED:________________

2.  Focus2 is a web based career planning program - use the "Explore the Possibilities" section in Focus2 to explore connections between your major and occupations related to it.
DATE COMPLETED:________________

3.  Have a "Major Conversation" with your academic advisor - schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss your academic and career goals. 

4.  Discuss "What Can I do with a major in..." with a Compass Navigator - Visit the Resource Center in the Compass, 145 Marano Center to meet one-on-one with a peer navigator to discuss your major and career options.  DATE COMPLETED:________________

5.  Exploring Majors Workshop:  Find the major that is right for you!  College is a time for exploring, growing and learning.  Deciding on a major can be a difficult decision.  If you are undeclared or thinking about changing your major, then this is the workshop for you!  Learn about strategies, resources and services that you can utilize to research and explore majors and careers.  This workshop will help you find the major that is right for you.  DATE COMPLETED:________________