The Compass - Define Yourself

Preparing for the Real World

Complete BOTH 1 and 2:

1.   Refine your resume  DATE COMPLETED: ________

A solid resume is a necessity for any job application and most graduate schools. Come get your resume critiqued by trained student interns in the Compass Resource Center! Sample resumes are also available.  Another resource available to you is Optimal Resume - an online tool to help you build and store unlimited resumes and cover letters, conduct video mock interviews, design portfolios and your professional website, search for jobs and more.

2.    Develop your cover letter  DATE COMPLETED: ________

Similar to a resume, a cover letter is a requirement for almost all job applications. Student interns at the Compass are also trained in this skill, so stop by the Compass Resource Center! Sample cover letters are available as well.  Also, check out Optimal Resume.

...and consider:

3.   Participate in a mock interview  DATE COMPLETED: ________

Participating in a mock interview is great preparation for real job interviews you will soon have to face. Contact Career Services to schedule a mock interview or to find out when businesses will be conducting mock interviews on campus.  Also, check out video mock interview options on Optimal Resume.