The Compass - Define Yourself

Career Awareness

Complete ONE item from section I (choose from 1 or 2) and ONE item from section II (choose from item 3- 5):

Section I

1.  Complete an internship/(GST 303 or GST 498)   DATE COMPLETED: _____________

Complete an internship - HIGHLY recommended but not required.

2.  Complete a job shadow  DATE COMPLETED: _____________

Job shadowing a professional in a career that interests you provides you an opportunity to see the day-to-day aspects of that career field. Enrolling in the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) program is one way to find a professional to job shadow.  You can also find someone on your own.


Section II

3. Attend a career fair  DATE COMPLETED: _____________

Attend a career fair to learn about career fields and network with potential employers.

4. Evaluate the necessity of attending graduate school  DATE COMPLETED: _____________

There are a couple of good reasons to attend graduate school, but several bad reasons.  Make sure that graduate school is the right step for you - it can cost a lot of time, energy and money, so you will want to be sure your investment will pay off. We can help with the research process, applications, testing information, graduate school essays, and much more. We also coordinate an annual Graduate School Fair each fall. Graduate schools will want letters of recommendations, so you will want to take advantage of our reference file service. Read the graduate school handout and discuss your options with a faculty member or a professional staff member at the Compass.

5. Attend a graduate school fair  DATE COMPLETED: _____________

Attend a graduate school fair to learn how to find a job and network with potential graduate school representatives.