Withdrawal from College Process

Occasionally, students need to consider ways to reduce their course load or to withdraw from school. This can be due to an extenuating circumstance:

  • family emergency
  • financial emergency
  • illness (personal illness or that of a close family member) 
  • injury (personal injury or that of a close family member)
  • active military deployment (military leave of absence)

Both your academic advisor and advisors in the Compass can help you to explore your academic options.

Academic options might include:

  • an out-of-class notice (for short-term absence)
  • add/drop classes (available early in the semester)
  • course withdrawal (available mid-semester, up to the end of the ninth week of classes)
  • late course withdrawal (documentation required, from the start of the tenth week to the last day of classes)
  • request for incomplete (when majority of course work is completed, approved by instructor only)
  • withdrawal from college (documentation required after start of the tenth week of semester)

Check the academic calendar and Course Drop versus Course Withdrawal

If you are considering any of these options, be sure to consult with either your academic advisor, or an advisor in the Compass (145 Marano Center, Phone: 315-312-5522 Fax: 315-312-5443).  Our goal is to help you understand the implications of each of these choices, and to help you make a decision that is best for you and your personal circumstances.

There can be serious financial aid implications for dropping classes or withdrawing from college, depending on when in the semester the drop or withdrawal occurs.  Be sure to consult with Financial Aid (315-312-2248) or with an advisor in the Compass (145 Marano Center, Phone: 315-312-5522, Fax: 315-312-5443) for more information.

Withdrawal from College
If classes have not started yet and you need to drop all the classes for which you are registered, you can email the Registrar's Office at registrar@oswego.edu to cancel your registration for the upcoming term.

If you need to withdraw from courses (that are already underway) during the spring or fall term, you need to consult with the Compass staff for withdrawal information at withdraw@oswego.edu or (phone: 315-312-5522, fax: 315-312-5443).  You do NOT need to be on campus to process a withdrawal from college.

For more information about withdrawing from college or returning to college after a withdrawal, visit our withdrawal from college brochure.

For information on returning to campus following a withdrawal from college, see the readmission process page.