Incoming Transfers've been accepted, attended one of our Transfer Orientation programs and have been assigned your MOST Mentor...what do you do now?

Now it's time to start thinking about making the most of your short time here at Oswego. Like most other transfer students, you probably want to complete your degree in 2 years. Those 2 years go fast and we want to make sure you don't miss anything.

The checklist below will ensure that you don't forget important opportunities, tasks and responsibilities.

___1. Start your resume. You're only 2 years from graduating. It's important that you start developing your resume now. Our Career Services office can get you started.

___2. Tau Sigma. Tau Sigma is the National Transfer Student Honor Society. If you've transferred in to Oswego with at least 24 credits and achieve at least a 3.5 GPA your first semester here, you'll be eligible for Tau Sigma. Don't miss out on this great opportunity and honor.

___3. Study Abroad. Most transfer students don't think they have the time to do study abroad but this experience can be fit into a summer session and even shorter sessions during the fall and spring.

___4. Internships. Employers want to see that you've received some real world experience in the career that you've chosen. Internships are the best way to get that on-the-job experience and earn credit.

___5. Service Learning. Service learning is a unique way to volunteer your time and earn credit for doing so. The office of Service Learning and Volunteer Services has several placements for volunteers. Again, employers are looking for people not just involved in school but in their community.

___6. Involvement. In order to really have a college experience at Oswego, it's important that you get involved outside the classroom. There are so many clubs and organizations that are always looking for new members. Joining organizations provides you with valuable communication skills among many other skills and it's a great way to meet some new people. 

___7. Leadership Roles. It's important to not just get involved but to take on leadership roles as well. You don't have to look far to find leadership roles on this campus. Every club and organization has positions available and the Compass has over 50 positions just in our collection of offices. Seek out these leadership positions and make the most of them.

Well, now that we've provided you with some reminders as to how to make the most of your experience here at Oswego, we've also provided you with some strategies in case you get stuck along the way.

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